Four Myths About NBN Connection Services and the Truth Behind Them

28 March 2017
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NBN is a commonwealth company or government business enterprise that is bringing the broadband network to Australia. If you're curious about NBN, you may have heard several myths about it. Here's a look at those myths and the truth behind them:

1. Myth: Anyone Can Get NBN Connection Services

Although NBN connection services have increased greatly since the introduction in 2009, it is still not available everywhere. To find out if you can get NBN, you can check the NBN website — it has a tool where you can input your address. Alternatively, you can contact an internet service provider directly.

2. Myth: You Can't Keep Your Existing Internet Service Provider

This myth is only true in some cases. In some cases, you may have to switch from your existing internet service provider to a company that offers NBN connection services. However, that is not always the case. Contact your existing company and ask if they provide NBN in your area. If so, you can just upgrade. If not, you have to stick with your existing connection or switch to another internet service provider.

3. Myth: NBN Connections Only Accommodate One Phone

When you install an NBN connection, your home gets an external box that connects to the network. Then, you also get an internal box that connects to your external box. You can connect your modem and your phone to this internal box. If you stop at this step, then, you can only hook up one phone. However, this is not true in every case.

If you like, you can pay someone to rewire your existing phone jacks so they connect to your NBN box. Alternatively, some installers can give you an extra battery powered box. This communicates remotely with your other internal box, and it allows you to hook up an extra landline phone.

4.  Myth: You Can't Keep Your Phone Number

If you have your phone through a company that is not connected to NBN connection services, you will, as explained above, have to change your phone company and possibly your internet service provider. Luckily, however, you don't have to change your phone number. In most cases, you can port over your local phone number to your new provider. Of course, your mobile phone number will be completely unaffected, as it doesn't rely on your home phone service.

To learn more about NBN connection services, contact an internet service provider in your area. They can let you know about availability, packages, and options.